Albert Macklin

"God never starts something without the end in mind" In 1994, a simple eye surgery suddenly went "out of control", and catches me by surprise. I had no idea that "God was up to something". Then in 1998, out of nowhere, I developed a bacterial infection in the other eye; I woke up the next morning to total darkness that has lasted to this present day. I am here today to tell my story of how God will allow things to happen in your life for "His purpose". It is because of the anointing upon my life, and through my blindness, that many doors have been open for me to testify to the world. This project was developed through personal experiences, and was revealed in the Spirit during an overnight prayer service, as God began to deal with me through songs of encouragement. Since that very moment, I am still hearing the voice of God; no matter what we go through or what we may face in life, I encourage all of you who hear this release, believers and unbelievers alike, to "Believe God!"

Pastor Albert C. Macklin, IV

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